Mindfulness Training

I offer training to individuals and groups looking for guidance in effectively and efficiently harnessing the transformational power of mindfulness. For the past 10 years I have been a senior facilitator in the Unified Mindfulness community of meditation teachers and work in consultation with my mentor and the founder of Unified Mindfulness, world-renowned Buddhist teacher and scholar, Shinzen Young.

Individual Meditation Training

I work with beginning students to experienced practitioners. I can help you get a new practice started, assist with practice maintenance and growth, and guide progress through sticky spots. This is personalized and individualized guidance to support your mindfulness training.

This program is for you if you are:

  • Wanting support in starting and/or maintaining a meditation practice.
  • Facing spiritual emergence issues. For example: ‘dark night’ as defined by Daniel Ingram, Willoughby Britton, or Shinzen Young; ‘depersonalization/derealization’ issues.
  • Working through a challenging spot in your meditation practice and could use some support.
  • Facing a challenge related to the “heavenly messengers”: illness (especially chronic pain and traumatic brain injury), aging, and death.
  • Willing to learn Unified Mindfulness, a meditation training system developed by Shinzen Young.
  • Psychologically stable enough to engage in some form of meditation practice.

Groups and Workshops

I run mindfulness training groups and workshops for wellness, performance enhancement, stress-reduction, and deepening of practice. Some of my past workshop clients have included Vermont State Police ICAC Task ForceGreen Mountain Coffee Roasters, Vermont Scleroderma Support Group, One Studio Dance and Yoga, King Street Youth Center, University of Vermont, and Fletcher Allen Oncology Rehabilitation.

I am available for mindfulness training in-person or online. I can travel to you or host your group at Stillpoint Center in beautiful Burlington, Vermont. I also teach online through Worldwide Insight, a dharma practice group that you can join from anywhere in the world. I highly recommend their weekly programs and workshops.

Contact me for a customized quote for workshops or courses.

Community Events

For a schedule of regular events I host in the community and online please visit the event calendar.


I accept donations in the tradition of dana for many individual meditation training sessions, classes, and workshops. Individual mindfulness training is offered on a sliding scale and scholarships are sometimes available. Please contact me for more information.